Long Weekend On The Slovenian Seaside – Portorož&Piran


Finally my latest travel guide is ready. I know I have to improve my blog writing skills, especially time wise, as we nearly off to our next adventure… Here is my Portorož&Piran travel guide.

We like to spend a few quiet days on the seaside during spring, when flowers are blooming and warm sea breeze is blowing. It is the right time to relax by the pool, take long walks on the beach and celebrate the arrival of spring. This time we decided to spend three nights in Portorož, Slovenia and we had the most incredible time while we were there.



Portorož has been known as the place of healing since the 13th century when the monks from the St. Laurence Monastery first used the sea water and brine for healing purposes. Ever since Portorož was home to many healing and wellness complexes, which to this day, use the healing properties of salt and the sea.

Our absolute favorite hotel in Portorož is the Kempinski Palace. The hotel was opened in 1910 at the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire, when Portorož was categorized as one of the most important coast resorts and spas on the Austrian Riviera. In the 2000s, Kempinski Hotels signed a contract to run and manage this hotel for at least 20 years. The renovation cost about 70 million euros and the hotel was reopened in 2008.
Our tip is to stay here in April when acacias are blooming, so you can enjoy your luxurious breakfast, served on fine porcelain with silver cutlery, in the sades of fragrant acacias.



To Do

Portorož – this little town is famous of it’s beach, have a coffee in on of the beach bars, while you soak in the spring sun and watch the locals passing by. Or you can stay in the hotel and enjoy their superb, five star services. Book yourself a massage or a well needed facial, spend some time by the pool and take advantage of the pool bar!


Piran: from Portorož you can walk up to Piran, which is a beautiful, easy walk on the seaside. Piran was heavily influenced by the Venetian Republic, therefore the monuments differ greatly from those inner parts of Slovenia. Until the mid-20th century, Italian was the dominant language, but was replaced by Slovene as demographics shifted.


What to eat

Slovenian cuisine is influenced by the diversity of Slovenia’s landscape, climate, history and neighboring cultures. Istrian cuisine in five words, (at least for me): Fleur de sel, truffles, seafood, olive oil and Malvazija (Istrian white wine).

Fritolin pri Cantini – best seafood restaurant, vegetarian&gluten free options
Restaurant Fleur de Sel – fusion cuisine, a combination of traditional&modern food
Restaurant Sophia – features exquisite luxury and refined Mediterranean cuisine


What to wear

European spring is kind of unpredictable, some days are raining cats and dogs, some days are hot like a southern California day. You better pack your wellies and an umbrella along with your favorite bikini. Comfortable shoes are a must, but don’t forget to pack a pair of heels and a pretty dress if you’re staying in a five star environment. You do not need to worry about your clothes getting wrinkled, as five start hotels are offering ironing and 24 hour cleaning services.


I am glad you discovered the beautiful seaside with me, visit my Instagram account to watch my video about this trip!


Egypt – The Land Of Golden Magic

For the first time in my life we celebrated New Year’s Eve somewhere, where the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius. Getting away from European winter and spend a whole week at the Red Sea was undoubtedly enjoyable. Not to mention we celebrated the new year in another continent, Africa. Most of the time we chilled on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine, however the hotel offered more than that. We couldn’t resist and sacrificed two days of laziness and went on a snorkeling and a Sahara tour. Because balance is everything, right? 🙂




Hurghada’s subtropical desert climate, makes it a top holiday destination all year round. December temperatures are cooler than in the summer, but still a lot warmer than the snowy European weather. Highs of up to 22 degrees Celsius are common, and overnight temperatures dip to around 12 degrees.

Basically it never rains in Hurghada. You can expect rainfall two times a year, for a rough 10-20 minutes. Yeah baby, it is the desert, so you can expect 7 hours of sunshine a day, and sea water temperature around 24-26 degrees Celsius.


What to pack

Bikini: it is a must in Egypt! That was the first thing I put in my suitcase, I didn’t want to miss the perfect opportunity to wear a bikini in December.
Jeans: well, you have to wear something when you go to the airport 🙂 It came handy though on the evenings.
Light jacket&scarf: overnight temperatures dip to around 12 degrees, and it can feel cool and windy, so pack a light jacket for the evenings.




Sandals: a pair of sandals is always a good idea, you can wear it with jeans or skirts.
Sneakers: I basically live in sneaker, and it was very useful  in the desert too.
Sunscreen: if you are heading to Africa you must bring sunscreen, if you don’t want to end up sunburned. This is my favorite.




What to do

Obviously there was New Year’s Eve and day to celebrate, although Egypt is predominantly Muslim with a sizable Christian population, so expect lower key festivities than you’d experience in Europe. The hotel however hosted a glorious New Year’s Eve gala dinner, serving unbelievable amount and variety of food.



Snorkeling tour: Giftun Islands are popular excursion from Hurghada, offering snorkeling, diving, sunbathing and a welcome retreat from the mainland bustle. The islands are famous for their pristine protected beaches, and a resort on the larger island providing all the facilities you need for a day by the sea.  The day ended with a sunset boat ride back to the harbor.




Desert adventure: we spent the entire day in the Sahara, where we had the chance to drive boogie cars and quads. After lunch we went on a Jeep ride and visited a Bedouin village deep in the desert. The day  ended with dinner and a traditional fire and belly dance show.



What to eat&drink

Egyptian cuisine is notably conducive to vegetarian diets, as it relies heavily on legume and vegetable dishes. Meat has been very expensive for most Egyptians throughout history, so a great number of vegetarian dishes have been developed. Pita bread is a staple of Egyptian cuisine, and cheese making in Egypt dates back to the First Dynasty of Egypt.

Tea is the national drink of Egypt, and beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage. While Islam is the majority faith in Egypt and observant Muslims tend to avoid alcohol, alcoholic drinks are still readily available in the country.

My personal favorites were different types of  vegetable tagines, falafels with tahini, roasted veggies and mashed fava beans.


Where to stay

SUNRISE Royal Makadi Aqua Resort is the perfect place for a fun and relaxing holiday. It is located in the heart of Makadi Bay, a main region with the best diving and snorkeling areas. The Resort is built on a serene landscape with a special architectural design surrounded by lush gardens, four magnificent pools (two heated!) and an aqua park. The hotel has 8 restaurant, our favorites were the El Paso (Mexican), Roots (diet&light food) and the Bedouin Restaurant (local cuisine).


We really enjoyed the time in Egypt, looking forward to come back.


Weekend In Vienna, Austria


Vienna is an ideal place for a weekend getaway, and so we decided to spend a romantic weekend there. I admire the cleanliness of the Austrians, and it’s only a few hours drive from our hometown. We wondered why not, and headed to Vienna! After arrival, we robbed the mini-bar and took advantage of room service. Staying in gave me the opportunity to put together an itinerary for the forthcoming days.

Bécs ideális hely hétvégi kirrucanáshoz, ezért úgy döntöttünk eltöltünk itt egy romantikus hétvégét. Én bírom az osztrákok tisztaság mániáját és szomszédos ország révén egy pár óra vezetéssel oda is lehet érni.  Szóval gondoltuk miért ne, irány Bécs! Érkezés után bevettük a minibárt, és kihasználtuk a szobaszerviz kínálta lehetőségeket. Így legalább volt egy kis időm feltérképezni a környéket, és össze állítani a következő két nap programját.


A bakery that works without flour, eggs, dairy products and sugar. All ingredients from organic farming, gluten free & vegan and they serve mainly raw-food. The place has only a few tables, I highly recommend to arrive just before or after breakfast time, or you can book in advance as they take reservations. Their food is so yummy and healthy, it gave us the vitamin punch we needed for an all day long city tour.

Reggeli – a szállásunk közelében működik egy pékség, ahol liszt, tojás, cukor és tejtermék mentes ételeket készítenek, egyszóval ez a helyes pékség nyers vegán konyhát üzemeltet. Érdemes időben érkezni, mert a hely hamar megtelik. Kedves kiszolgálás, szemet gyönyörködtető, ízletes fogások, egy igazi energia bomba amire szükségünk volt egy egész napos városnézéshez. Ezután nyakunkba vettük a várost és hosszabb barangolásra indultunk.





Around midday we bumped into a Lebanese restaurant and decided to take a small break. After the satisfying lunch (they serve delicious mezzes) we continued to stroll around the charming streets of Vienna. During on our way home, we found a market, and since we are both foodies, we couldn’t resist to go in for a quick tour. They basically sell everything you need, plus they have a coffee shop, serving sweets and cakes, and a wine corner on the top floor. We new right away we’re going to buy our dinner here.

Ebédre isteni mezzéket ettünk egy elegáns libanoni étteremben, ahol egy kicsit megpihentünk és fel is töltődtünk a nap további részéhez. Haza felé sétálva bele botlottunk egy market-ba amit nem tudtunk kihagyni. Szeretem az olyan komplex boltokat, ahol több szinten válogathatsz a különlegesebbnél különlegesebb ételek közül. Az i-re a pontot az emeleti kávézó és borbár tette fel. A kínálat annyira tetszett, hogy úgy döntöttünk  itt is vacsoráztunk.


A következő napra egy programot terveztünk, a Schönbrunni kastélyt. Míg a bebocsátásra várakoztunk megkóstoltuk a híres apfel strudelt és gyönyörködtünk az előttünk elnyúló palota lélegzetelállító látványában. ( A kastély 1441 szobás, ebből 44 látogatható) Mindig különös érzéssel tölt el, amikor belegondolok abba, hogy valaha királyok és királynék éltek e falak között, itt, ahol én épp csendesen majszolgatom a rétesemet (és kortyolgatom a pezsgőmet). A kastély gyönyörű (sajnos képek bent nem készíthetőek), hatalmas parkja pedig ideális hosszú sétákhoz (legnagyobb része ingyenesen látogatható). Mi végül úgy döntöttünk (az én kívánságomra), hogy mind a 44 szobát megnézzük (van magyar nyelvű audio guide) majd következett a park. Végül egy könnyű estebéddel zártuk a napot és ezzel véget is ért a bécsi hétvégénk.

For the next day, we only planned to visit one attraction, the Palace of Schönbrunn. While we were waiting for our spot to visit the 44 rooms of the palace, we had to try the famous Austrian Apfel Strudel, which they served with a view of the breathtaking palace. Maybe it is just me, but I always wondered how kings and queens lived and walked between these walls, where I’m quietly enjoying my strudel and sipping on my bubbly. The palace is beautiful from the inside out (unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures inside), and the enormous park is ideal to take long, romantic walks. First we visited the palace, then finished the day with a light late lunch in the garden. That was the end of our Vienna trip, I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Where to stay:
Hilton Hotel Vienna Plaza– Heritage hotel with Art Deco design on the famous Ringstrasse

Where to eat:
Simply Raw Bakery – cute little (raw) vegan eatery with plenty of healthy options
Elissar – Lebanese restaurant serving delicious mezze
Merkur Hoher Markt – all in one market with a coffee shop and a wine corner on the top floor

Need more info about this beautiful city? Don’t be afraid to reach out to me 🙂


5 Sun Kissed Destinations For Winter Travel

5 Sun Kissed Destinations For Winter Travel

Let me get this straight. I like winter, the first snowfall, the crisp, cold weather, winter has it’s charm. But when my body is running low on vitamin D, and snow starts to fall again in March, now that’s the time when I book a vacay.  Scroll down and check out my favorite sunny spots on planet Earth.

Szeretnék leszögezni valamit. Szeretem a téli időjárást, az első, havat és a tiszta, hideg időt. Azonban amikor még a március is hóval kezdődik és a szervezetem D vitaminért kiált, akkor fogom magam és melegebb éghajlatra evezek. Nézd végig a kedvenc napos úticéljaimat, hátha te is kedved kapsz az egyik napfényes tájhoz!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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Tel-Aviv // The “vegan capital of the world” or at least that’s how proud locals call Tel-Aviv. It’s definitely an interesting destination to travel to.  The buzzing city become a cultural hub where things are always happening. For many people, Tel-Aviv is a bubble, a fusion of the west and the oriental, where you will definitely get a glimpse of the Middle Eastern lifestyle. The city was founded in 1909 by a Jewish community and since then became the 5th most visited city in the Middle East & Africa. Tel-Aviv has a lot to offer, you can enjoy the restaurants, shopping, art, and the beautiful beaches of course!

Tel-Aviv // kétségkívül különleges úticél, egy nyüzsgő, kozmopolita város, amit  a helyiek büszkén neveznek “A világ vegán fővárosának”. Kelet és nyugat össze fonódása ez a hely, ahol az élet sosem áll meg, és ahol végre bepillantást nyerhetünk az igazi keleti életstílusba.  A várost 1909-ben alapította egy zsidó közösség és azóta az ötödik leglátogatottabb közel-keleti városává nőtte ki magát. Tel-Avivot sokan tekintik az ország kulturális központjának vibráló nyugati hangulata miatt, éttermek egész garmada, művészet, vásárlás és a gyönyörű tengerpart mágnesként vonzza a turistákat.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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Barcelona // The crowded Barcelonetta beach transforms into a lovable sunny spot during winter. Take a long walk on the beach, soak in the sun or play beach-ball with the locals 🙂 Warm ocean breeze kissing my cheeks while sipping on a glass of fine Spanish wine is all I need on a winter day!

Barcelona // A nyáron rendkívül zsúfolt Barcelonetta a téli időszakba kellemes tengerparttá alakul, ami tökéletesen helyszín hosszú tengerparti sétákhoz,  napfürdőzéshez vagy akár egy strandröplabda meccshez a helyiekkel 🙂 Nem kell sok a boldogsághoz, egy finom spanyol bor és egy jó tapas megteszi, na meg az arcot simogató lágy tengerparti szellő.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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Malta // Malta is a tiny island in the middle of Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers. Getting lost on the streets of Valetta driving across the island with a rent a car, eating fresh sea food in one of the seaside villages and getting to know the locals are just a few of many things you can do on this charming little island.

Malta // egy aprócska sziget a Földközi-tenger közepén, ahol kellemes a tél és forró a nyár. Bolyongani Valetta utcáin, körbe autózni a szigetet egy bérelt autóval, kis halász falvakban friss tenger gyümölcseit ebédelni és ismerkedni a helyiekkel csupán néhány dolog a sok közül ezen az elbűvölő kis szigeten.

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La Jolla – San Diego // it is a beautiful coastal town in Southern California, an idyllic year-round destination, nestled right on the ocean. Fresh seafood, sandy shores, breathtaking sunsets and the relaxed beach vibe makes La Jolla the perfect backdrop for the perfect date. No surprise the upscale village labeled with a nickname as “the jewel” of San Diego. It is also the perfect spot to experience the laid-back California spirit.

La Jolla – San Diego // egy lenyűgözően szép tengerparti kisváros Dél-Kaliforniában. Friss tenger gyümölcsei, homokos partok, lélegzetelállító naplementék és a laza tengerparti feeling tökéletes romantikus úticéllá teszi La Jolla-át. Nem meglepő, hogy ez a menő városka a San Diegó Ékköve becenevet kapta. Itt megtapasztalhatod milyen is az igazi Kaliforniai életérzés.

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Lanzarote // The Island of Eternal Spring is a small volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, boasting a wonderful subtropical desert climate with winter means of 18 °C and summer means of 25 °C. A devastating volcanic eruption in the 18th century created a lunar landscape with many mini volcano cones, craters and lava valleys. Lanzarote is the land of volcanic attractions, wonderful vineyards and everlasting sun.

Lanzarote // Az Örök Tavasz Szigeteként is gyakran emelegetett Lanzarote egy vulkanikus eredetű sziget az Atlanti Óceánon, egész évben mesés időjárással (télen átlagosan 18 míg nyáron 25 fok van). Egy elsöprő erejű vulkánkitörés sorozat a 18.században jelentősen átalakította a szigetet, Lanzarote a vulkánikus látványosságok, csodás borvidékek és az örökös napsütés szigete.

I hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!


3 relaxing days in Polish winter wonderland, Krynica-Zdrój

3 relaxing days in Polish winter wonderland, Krynica-Zdrój

Winter can be one of the most beautiful times of year to travel. I needed some time off away form everything, so we decided to take a brief getaway and picked this charming little Polish town, Krynica-Zdrój. We were looking for a winter escape where we can take long walks, hot bathes and try some delicious Polish food. Krynica-Zdrój is the pearl of Polish spas, and a popular tourist and winter sport destination situated in the heart of the Beskids mountain range. A perfect winter destination!

A tél az egyik legszebb évszak az évben amikor érdemes utazni. Nekem már nagyon hiányzott egy kis kikapcsolódás, ezért úgy döntöttünk eltöltünk egy pár napot egy elbűvölő Lengyel városban, Krynica-Zdrój-ban. Olyan helyre szerettünk volna menni, ahol igazi tél van, nagyokat lehet sétálni, fürdeni és ínycsiklandó lengyel finomságot kóstolni. Krynica-Zdrój a lengyel fürdővárosok gyöngyszeme a közeli Beskid hegységben, népszerű úticél a turisták és a téli sportokat kedvelők körében. Egyszóval tökéletes téli kikapcsolódáshoz!

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetWhat to Eat:

  • Pierogi: these are traditional Polish dumplings made of thinly rolled doughs with various fillings. The most traditional fillings are: meat, sauerkraut and mushrooms.
  • Barszcz: it’s a clear beetroot soup flavored with garlic and often served with pierogi.

Where to Stay:

After the check in we headed downtown to take a walk and find some place to eat. After the fulfilling lunch we were ready to warm up in the hotel’s spa. My absolute favorite was the so called pine sauna, where they layer the floor with fresh pine branches. It’s super relaxing to spend 10-15 minutes there, the aromatic flow produces an immediate beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and provides a sensational balance between spirit and soul.

On the next day we took a long walk in the nearby park, called Gora Parkowa. It’s one of the favorite trails for mountain runners and Nordic walking fans and it’s also an ideal place for tourists who want to taste not-long distance mountain trails and walks. There are many hiking and cycling paths to discover. This gorgeous park with snow covered pines and trees is a must visit at anytime of the year.

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  • Pierogi – ez egy hagyományos lengyel fogás, vízben főzött töltött tészta csomagok amiket leggyakrabban hússal, savanyú káposztával vagy gombával töltenek meg.
  • Barszcz – azaz céklaleves, amit fokhagymával ízesítenek és gyakran pierogi-val tálalnak.


Érkezés után tettünk egy nagy sétát a városkában és ettünk egy finom ebédet. Ezután már csak a wellness és a szauna forrósága lebegett előttünk. A szálloda wellness részlege nagyon szép, nagy medencével, pezsgő fürdővel és sok-sok szaunával. Az én kedvencem a fenyő szauna volt,ahol a szauna fülke padlóját friss fenyő ágakkal borítják be. Jótékony hatás a légutakra szinte azonnal érezhető, igazi felfrissülés a testnek és a léleknek egyaránt 🙂

Másnap hatalmas sétát tettünk a közeli Gora Parkowa-ban, aminek a csúcsára felvonóval illetve gyalogosan is fel lehet jutni. Mi végül az utóbbi mellet döntöttünk. A csúcs meghódítását forralt borral ünnepeltük, ami remekül felmelegített minket a további sétához. A park hatalmas, telis-tele van túra útvonalakkal, érdemes akár egy rövid séta vagy egy hosszabb túra erejéig is ellátogatni ide. A park kedvelt terep Nordic walkinghoz, futáshoz és bringázáshoz is, az év bármely szakában érdemes ellátogatni ide!

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I hope you enjoyed the tour 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!